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Why you should still use print in your marketing

With the explosion of social media marketing during the past decade, you may be wondering whether printed marketing materials are really necessary anymore?

Of course digital marketing is a great form of promotion, but it shouldn’t be used in isolation. Great brands are built on solid foundations, and that includes a variety of marketing methods to create familiarity and recognition for your brand and your team.

Print technology is faster than most race cars

Way back when, it was standard practice to have to order many thousands of copies of a printed document just to get a good price per unit. However now, with the advent of hugely efficient modern day digital presses offering a fast turnaround, the scope of printed materials at an affordable cost is more attainable than ever.

The technology involved in modern digital presses is mind boggling, involving nano technology no less. There are machines out there that are able to print up to 4500 sheets per hour in full colour. This coupled with the software’s ability to change the output of the job on the fly, results in the costs coming down for low-run work as the machines do not have to stop for artwork or paper stock changes.

So with print being more accessible and cost effective than ever, how does this benefit you as race team? Let’s explore…

Benefits of using printed marketing materials

1. Consistently well printed branded material will give your team the professional look

2. A tangible ‘real world’ item lasts a lot longer in people’s minds

3. Gives your marketing team more tools to work with

4. Boost your profile on and off track

5. Grow your fanbase with limited edition print

Types of printed marketing materials you may not have considered:

1. Presentation/pitch deck hardcopy to leave with prospective partners / sponsors

2. Posters – limited edition runs of poster designs throughout the season

3. Signing cards – these can be branded per circuit in advance

4. VIP promotional packs

5. Team magazine to handout at race weekends

6. QR are codes are great to get offers / information across and return data to you

7. Limited edition driver signed framed artwork

8. Potential sponsor information packs, loose leaf in a branded folder

9. Colouring in packs for kids…and some adults!

Making the right impression

You want the best look for your team, whether that’s the posters and signing cards for your fanbase or promotional items to get your sponsors’ names out to the masses.

Ensuring your brand identity is consistent across the wide range of outputs is paramount.

If you need help with getting your next pitch deck designed, printed and ready to impress your potential sponsors for the 2023 season, then drop me an email to

Take a look around the website for the services I offer and join my email list for other newsworthy items!


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