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But is it Art. . .?

'Art car’ liveries have been around for many years and are always a fantastic crowd-puller... they really get your team noticed!

I first came across them when I was asked to recreate a livery on an original 1975 CSL BMW restored by a well-known enthusiast. The livery was the first art car created for BMW and ran at the legendary 24 hours of LeMans.

The artist, Andrew Calder, used large areas of flat colour to create the iconic livery. The project was a ‘challenge’ but after all the blood, sweat and sometimes ‘colourful’ language, it all came together and looked the part. The car ran in several classic events and was a pleasure to see race.

Fast forward a few years...

I recently came across a great livery that will be running in this year's Spa 24hr race, adorning a Bentley no less – a stunning piece of motorsport engineering. The livery design is certainly one that will catch the eye. Being entered by CMR, the livery is an abstract design using fire as inspiration by the artist Jean Boghossian.

The art car livery concept is a fascinating one, and I love seeing what teams and artists can do when they get together. I have put some exciting liveries on the start line in my time, but I'm looking forward to getting the chance to do an ‘art car’!

If you fancy an ‘arty’ livery design... get in touch, and I will crack out the family-size pack of Crayolas!

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